Pluto Dual
The Truly Dual Air Refrigeration Unit

Fully Electric & Zero-Emission Refrigeration Units

*Recommended Alterator 250A-300A

The Most Smart & Eco-friendly Multi-temperature Transport Refrigeration Unit

Distinguishing features of the Pluto Dual

Dual Cooling

The Pluto Dual has two independently controlled cooling zones so that you can transport fresh as well as frozen goods in the same vehicle.

Fully Electric

As an all-electric refrigeration unit, Pluto Dual can handle no-idle deliveries all day, every day, and even standby during delivery with the engine off!

It’s Smart

With a smart digital temperature controller and smart temperature management, the Pluto Dual reefer unit can do the job at a significantly lower operational cost.

Standby System

With a standard integrated lithium-ion power source and optional unlimited standby run with up to 16 hours of on-road operation on battery or continuous operation engine-mode.

Not just that, the Pluto Dual is also equipped with smart stop-n-go standby.
This enables the Pluto Dual to standby efficiently during delivery when the engine is off!

Volta Air brings to you the future of sustainable urban delivery and refrigeration.
The truly dual, fully electric reefer unit, Pluto Dual is our bestselling reefer unit, designed and engineered in Canada. From fresh to frozen, and everything in between, the Pluto Dual can take care of all your needs with its two independently controlled cooling zones. And, it’s smart. So, not only does it perform phenomenally, but it also helps reduce your cost of operation significantly.

Benefits of the Pluto Dual Air Refrigeration Unit

A fully electric, dual-zone, sustainable refrigeration solution by Volta Air

Low Cost

You’ll experience the lowest cost of ownership compared to any other reefer unit. You’ll save money on fuel, vehicle maintenance, and installation.


You can configure different zones to the settings you want, allowing you to be more versatile and transport more types of goods in one vehicle.


Designed and engineered in Canada, the Pluto Dual is remarkably user-friendly with the smart digital temperature controller making things easier than ever!

Greener Alternative

With zero emissions, the Pluto Dual is as environment-friendly as it gets while also helping you cut down operational costs by 30–50%.

Designed and Engineered in North America

Trusted By Companies Of All Sizes

Volta Air
Dedicated to Offering Sustainable TRU Solutions

At Volta Air, we have adopted a future-first approach.
We are conscious of our choices and realize the impact they have.
We understand the need to move towards sustainability for a better future. This is why we focus on developing and manufacturing all-electric TRU solutions that help reduce carbon emissions.
Our sustainable solutions like the Pluto Electric Reefer Unit are not only easier on the environment but also easy on your wallet!

Get started with Your Fresh & Frozen Delivery!

Choose the smarter refrigeration solution that costs less and performs better;
Choose the Pluto Dual all-electric Refrigeration Unit by Volta Air





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