Equipment Monitoring

Real-time monitoring for your temperature sensitive products.


In-Cab Integrated Smart LCD Display Unit / Controller

With advanced control options, easy to program, and a clear LCD Backlit display, the Volta Air Smart Controller display unit is designed for optimal control of the refrigeration unit.

The unit allows access to multiple functions and options, while guaranteeing optimal temperature control and accurate system reporting. The unit is fully integrated with alarm codes and information symbols for easy readability and rapid response.


An optimal control system to increase efficiency and sustainability of the operation of refrigeration units


• Easy installation
• Advanced controls within a simple interface
• Accurate refrigeration monitoring and management
• Highly customizable for specific applications

The LCD Control Unit

• Reduce service costs and fewer maintenance callouts
• Separate display and control board for easy and clean installation
• LCD backlight, with brightness control, for clear readability in all light conditions

Automated Features

• Low voltage protection, automatic recovery from power loss
• Manual and automated defrost command, with optional scheduling
• Variable fan and compressor speed control to ensure optimal performance and extend battery life
• Automatic shutdown if a door is left open to reduce cooling loss
• Over-the-air firmware updates

Optional Features

• Integrated with Tritrackers software to allow for real-time temperature monitoring, location tracking and system diagnostics.
• Independent control of multi-temperature units
• Better manage the safety of your drivers and products
• See suggestions for replacements to avoid expensive repercussions


Monitor & Manage Your Temperature-Controlled Operation, Anywhere

TriTrackers brings you one step closer to success with great savings and lower risk. It isolates meaningful intelligence from monitored data and incorporates them into actionable information yielding profitable decision making.

A versatile, online reefer management system for vans and trailers that provide traceability for your delivery fleet. This new monitoring system aids in temperature compliance and increase productivity by having the information readily available.

The platform has data integration capabilities that provide more visibility to fleets. Drivers then can monitor and manage cargo temperatures, respond to alarms, and be notified for maintenance check-ups wherever they may be.


A complete software solution for your refrigerated assets

Track your fleet to ensure quality of products with confidence in your drivers, cargo, and vehicles.

Reefer Monitoring

• Real-time interval based temperature reporting
• Customizable sensor charts analytics dashboard
• Live temperature change alerts via email/SMS

Vehicle Connectivity

• Real-time interval based GPS Location Tracking
• Trip histories
• Door Openings and Stops event histories

System Health

• Real-time interval based system health reporting
• Live system health alerts via email/SMS
• Remote control of the refrigeration unit


• Open REST APIs
• Programmatically access sensors data
• Easy third-party applications integrations

Developer Docs

Find the hidden potential of your product

• Optimize savings by understanding patterns of utilization
• Spot trends and competitive responses with other units
• Custom system configuration to help fleets in achieving optimal performance from refrigeration units

Capitalize on Warnings

• Take care of potential maintenance issues as soon as possible
• Better manage the safety of your drivers and your products
• Real-time vulnerabilities and disruption notifications
• See suggestions for replacements to dodge expensive repercussions

TriTrackers Platform

Optimize savings and spot trends through calibrated monitoring.
Our user-friendly refrigeration monitoring platform helps you understand patterns of utilizations to increase savings and productivity.

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