With over fifty years of cumulative industry experience in automotive and industrial HVAC, Voltaair brings advanced heating/cooling solutions. We develop efficient and environmentally friendly Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), specialized for the next generation of cooling and refrigeration units, possessing the newest energy storage and heat transfer technologies.


We manufacture leading products and components for the green cooling technology industry, specifically for AC and transport refrigeration. Integrating fully electric units into your mobile applications will lower operational & servicing costs. We hope that the substantial financial benefits of anti-idling systems will help drive our customers throughout the market and in turn help reduce massive amounts of greenhouse gasses.


1. Reduce operational costs
2. Reduce operational emissions
3. Quality products and customer service


We are a full services company in partnership with:

  1. National Research Council Canada (NRCC)
  2. Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)
  3. Simon Fraser University (SFU) Engineering
  4. Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)
  5. Community Financial Co-operatives such as Vancouver City Savings Credit Union
  6. Other key Canadian firms mandated upon similar guiding principles.


In addition to our alliances bridged over the years, we are also commissioned in the Public Sector, year upon year, to care for all the public fleet vehicles that serve and protect our communities. We have achieved this honour to tend to our heroes by the trust placed upon us by Canada and the community of Canadians whom these heroes care for.
Our branches, online store, research facilities, and test centers encompass our guiding principles and corporate goals: to promote green technology in Canada and abroad. We hope to see sustainable alternatives on our roads that will work to end idling by cutting emissions and promoting a healthier and happier tomorrow.

Precision in Design

Our systems provide versatile electric cooling and refrigeration solutions for a variety of applications. We have designed and tested our systems under various climate conditions and can recommend one of our systems to optimize performance, driver comfort, and battery life time.

Innovative Products

Our 100% electric products lower the cost of ownership and has the capability to excel in many applications such as Mobile Heating and Cooling, Stationary Equipment, Hotel/Comfort Loads and backup power.

Global Presence

With an extended network of R&D partners and technical support within our product life cycle, we provide high-quality customer service and state-of-the-art technical support to our dealers, clients and end users around North America and beyond.

Customer Service

We aim to educate and fully support customers about our new sustainable products by laying out the insulation criteria, suitable reefer systems, installation, troubleshooting and suggest custom applications.

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