All-Electric Reefer Unit

Refrigeration Solutions for Smarter & Sustainable Urban Delivery

*Recommended Alternator 180A-200A

The most-advanced, no-idle, top-mounted 12V electric reefer unit on the market!

Why Choose Pluto Electric Reefer Unit?

Low Operational Costs

You can cut your operational costs by 30-50% since the compressor is not attached to the engine.

Designed to Perform

You’ll get an integrated internal energy stabilizer, controller, BMS, solar and full telematics in the installation kit.

More Sustainable

Reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment while lowering costs and improving operational efficiency!

Approved by CARB

All of our transport refrigeration units are approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Designed to Perform

The smart control panel enables accurate monitoring of your cargo's temperature from the driver's seat!

Still stuck with engine-driven Transport Refrigeration Units?

There’s a better option for you!

We’re not saying that, the California Air Resources Board is saying that!
If you’ve got a run-time of 1900 hours per year, idle time of 500 hours per year, and a fuel cost of $3.5 per gallon, you could end up saving up to $9,150 per year!

Independent Operation

The Pluto Electric Reefer unit does not rely on the engine to operate. Therefore, it provides significant fuel and maintenance savings every year.

Quick and Easy Installation

At Volta Air, we’ve ensured that the installation process of this reefer unit is easy. The entire installation and setup can be done by one person in less than a day!

Energy Stabilizer

Our no-idle unit can operate for up to 30 minutes without the engine or standby option on. The time varies with ambient temperature, insulation, application, and door position.

Cold Chain Tracking

Our tracking application comes with M2M (or machine to machine) monitoring/control units with embedded real-time analytics. Take control of your cargo!

Designed and Engineered in North America

Trusted by Companies of All Sizes

Volta Air
Dedicated to Offering Sustainable TRU Solutions

At Volta Air, we have adopted a future-first approach.
We are conscious of our choices and realize the impact they have.
We understand the need to move towards sustainability for a better future. This is why we focus on developing and manufacturing all-electric TRU solutions that help reduce carbon emissions.
Our sustainable solutions like the Pluto Electric Reefer Unit are not only easier on the environment but also easy on your wallet!

Get started with Pluto

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We offer zero-emission solutions that meet the toughest air quality regulations, including the TRUs In-Use Performance Requirements from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). All of our Electric Reefer Units also comply with CARB’s requirements.

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