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Morgan’s Polar Steed Project features Volta Air’s Titan TRU

Volta Air is excited to share that Morgan’s official website features our front-mounted Titan All-Electric Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU). Morgan is one of the leading producers of premier truck bodies in North America is Morgan.

Our Titan TRU takes part in the “Polar Steed” project, a collaboration that integrates Morgan’s composite refrigerated body with Volta Air’s fully electric refrigeration unit. This partnership marks a major breakthrough in sustainable transport solutions. Both “Polar Steed” and our “Titan unit” align with the stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements and play an important role in reducing carbon emissions during transportation. This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to innovation and sustainability in the realm of refrigerated transport.

For more information about the “Polar Steed” project and to explore the advanced features of Volta Air’s Titan unit, visit:
Morgan’s official website:
Volta Air website:

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