IQ™- No Idle Truck Air Conditioning Unit

IQ: the no-idle truck air conditioning unit is a 12V system with an auxiliary battery bank that is charged while the truck is driven. This then can be used to provide energy for the AC comfort system and the inverter when the engine is off.

No-Idle Electric Reefer Packages

Now providing complete no-idle refrigeration options for trucks and vans. Volta Air has combined their all electric reefer units (VAR150, VAR300, VAR450) with a PowerPack (12V, 400Ah) and the Solar System to achieve run times exceeding 8 hours without using power from the vehicle’s alternator.

e-FERElectric Reefers: the entirely 12V electric refrigeration unit that does not need the engine compressor to run and saves fuel economy. This unit is easily integrated to any mobile application.

VAR450TBLI Article!

eGLOO™: Electric Portable Refrigeration Box

eGLOO: the portable electric refrigeration box, is a completely sealed and insulated box that can be used for delivering cooled or frozen products and or in stationary remote applications reaching temperatures of -18°C


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With a vast knowledge of electric storage systems, Volta Air can provide inverters and chargers for most mobile applications…

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