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The no-idle AC unit can keep you cool for 10-14 hours.

  1. The no-idle truck air conditioning unit has an auxiliary battery bank that is charged while driven.
  2. Save thousands on fuel, vehicle maintenance, and downtime by reducing your trucks’ idling. Easily Integrated with 110V/60Hz Stand-by
  3. Electric Compressor
  4. 10-14 hours of cooling
  5. User Manual & Video Available


When you order your unit, we will provide you with all the easy instructions for you to install the unit. No sweat, simple steps for your local mechanic. 



    Our unit is ready to go! Select the unit on our website (+ battery pack) to get started.


    After 3-5 business days, the package will arrive to the shipping address with everything you need to install your new AC unit


    The IQ is so easy to install that it should only take 1 day. User manual and video included.

  • READY!

It’s important to fully understand your ROI.

SAFE and Reliable

Fully controled and monitored

Quick payback time

Impressive performance

High Cooling Rate

Universal Battery box


  • FUEL COST/GALLON                             3.00
  • ENGINE SIZE                                          6 CYLINDERS
  • RPMs                                                       800 RPM
  • HRS IDLING/DAY                                    10
  • OPERATING DAYS/YR                            240


  • DAILY                                  $43.48
  • ANNUALLY                         $10,435
  • PER 2 YRS                         $20,870
  • PER 3 YRS                         $31,305
  • PER 4 YRS                         $41,740
  • PER 5 YR                            $52,175

Frequently asked questions

The batteries can be included. You need to click the box , telling us to include the batteries to your order. If you wish to purchase these batteries from another company, we would also encourage that, as shipping these heavy batteries can be expensive for you. Please call us at +1 855 210 3839 for detailed information about the batteries we use.

If you do not want to find a local installer and/or truck repair shop to install your units on your  vehicles, you can always do it yourself! We’ve designed these units in a way that allow our customers to learn how to assemble these units safely, so long as you have access to the proper heavy equipment installation tools. When you order your units, please let us know that this is the option you choose, and we will send you instructions manuals with a step-by-step installation video for this installation process that shouldn’t take more than just 1 day!

Always consult a credible mechanic at a repair/auto shop if you are unsure of how to install your unit after reviewing our instructions. You can also call one of our mechanics who are happy to help you.

Customer satisfaction and safety are our top priority. Please click here for inquiries regarding warranty & return policies.

It takes our dealers in BC about 4 hours to install the entire unit if there is no wait time from installing our other units. We recommend to give your installers a full day to help you.

If you are not operating in Greater Vancouver, BC, we can help you find an installer/dealer. Just give us a call at +1 (855) 210 3839 so that a representative can refer to you one near you. If there is no dealer in your area, our representative can also provide you with a list of options for you to choose.


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