Converters/ Inverters

When integrating an inverter and or charger it is important to consider your application and needs

  • Surge power
  • Continuous power
  • Environment (temperature, needs weatherproofing, etc.)
  • Modified or pure sine wave
  • Input and output voltages

At Volta Air we have learned which converters and inverters work well in the automotive industry for the best price. We have years of testing and expertise. Contact our experts about your application and we will try to pair you up with the proper power inverter or charger.

Electric AC, Comfort and Refrigeration Systems

Our units are specifically designed for easy integration with chargers and inverters. For no-idle capabilities, depending on the unit model, we have a charger that can continuously supply power to operate the units for pre-cooling cycles, temporary product storage, and hotel load shore-power for truck stops.