PowerPack (Lead)

We also have a safe line of lead-acid battery boxes that are designed for up to 4 batteries. It is made of steel and plastic which adds more safety and durability than an aluminum battery box. The plastic reduces the risk of short circuits if an accident does occur and the 6-coat painted steel frame is much stronger than the battery boxes in market today. Over-engineered and ready for a variety of applications, specifically no-idle electric.

PowerPack (Lithium)

Most no idle solutions are currently powered through lead acid batteries; however, VoltaAir is providing a lithium battery (Li12256) alternative that will lower the cost of ownership and has the capability to excel in applications that lead acid batteries are currently struggling in. Lithium batteries have a higher potential discharge rate allowing the user to apply higher loads when using multiple systems inside their vehicle. Using an inverter with a couple devices or systems running off of a lead acid battery could easily generate currents exceeding their suggested limit which would damage the batteries, lower battery power performance, and cause safety concerns